Signs a Rich Man Will Not Take You Home to Momma

dating rich menYour eyes met from across the room at a benefit concert. He came up to you with a glass of champagne, and it’s been wonderful since. He’s taken you to the best restaurants, showered you with lavish gifts, and even introduced you to his stockbroker friends. Last weekend, he took you on a surprise getaway.

He’s smart, handsome, funny, adventurous and fabulously wealthy to boot. This is it, you think. You’ve finally met the right guy.

Hold on a minute. Have you met his parents yet?

If you have, kudos to you! He could be headed towards commitment, which is where you were hoping this relationship would go. If not, you need to ask yourself why.

When relationships take a turn for the serious, it usually culminates in an introduction to the rest of the family. Unless he is estranged from his parents, this is fairly par for the course. When a man you are dating seriously doesn’t offer to introduce you, and perhaps even avoids the subject, you need to ask yourself if this is a sign of something bad to come.

Here are some signs that a man will not be taking you home to meet his mom:

  • He’s not ready to commit

    Everyone knows that an introduction to the parents means that the parents will have questions about the two of you. After his parents meet you, it means his next solo visit will likely be full of questions like, “so, is it serious?” “Where do you see this going?” “Are you planning on marrying her?” “Should I be digging out great-grandma’s diamond ring?” This may not be something that he is ready to deal with, and is avoiding taking you home to mom to dodge these questions.

  • He’s already married, or in another relationship

    If you’re a woman on the side, he won’t be taking you home. Period. His home already has another woman calling the shots, his wife. Don’t expect this relationship to go anywhere –in fact, you should get out as soon as possible.

  • He’s not in love with you

    He likes you, and why not? You’re great company. You’re fun, easygoing, and perfect arm-candy for all the events he needs to attend. You’re a wonderful conversationalist and an excellent friend. If he only sees you as a friend, and not as a long-term love option, he may not be taking you home to meet his mom for this reason. You need to sit down with him and ask him what his intentions are.

  • He doesn’t see you as a long-term relationship

    Maybe you come from very different worlds, or want two separate things out of life. If he thinks of you as Ms. Right Now, instead of as Ms. Right, that could be another reason why he’s not bringing you home – he doesn’t foresee you being around in the long term, so why go through the trouble of introducing you to his family?

Of course, if you want to be in your man’s life and meet his family, you can always ask. There is no harm in conveying interest. After all, what do you have to lose?