The Top 10 Best Cities to Date a Millionaire

date a millionaireIt is such a special moment in life when you finally get to date that person whom you have always dreamt of. Women all around the world at some point or the other in their life have dreamt of dating a millionaire, who not only loves them a lot, but is also able to fulfill all their wishes. However, turning dreams into reality is not as easy as it seems to be. Finding a millionaire not only takes time and efforts, but also knowledge on where to find such people. To help you in this search, we have shortlisted 10 best cities which you can visit to find and date a millionaire.

  • New York City: One of the best cities in the world, New York is the place where you would get an overdose of millionaires. People here earn well and spend well, so this is surely one city you need to visit to date a millionaire.
  • Los Angeles: The city that attracts the who's who of TV and films. Those residing here live up to the exuberant level that the city has maintained over the past years. People live king size in this city of stars.
  • Dallas: Dallas is the home to companies that are owned by the millionaires. This city helps you come across millionaires and develop connections.
  • Houston: Just like New York, this city too enjoys a lively and rich lifestyle. Millionaires here enjoy the diversity of people and culture that the city enjoys. Another great point is that there is no income tax charged and the cost of living is also low.
  • Las Vegas: The name of the city says it all. Las Vegas has a world-class lifestyle, posh restaurants, luxurious night clubs, hotels and casinos. Millionaires come here just to enjoy and have a good time. Keeping that in mind, you are sure to meet your future date here.
  • London: With a good number of millionaires residing here, chances of finding a date becomes better. There are villages here that are home to some of the known millionaires in the world.
  • Scottsdale: This city seems to be a little out of the box, but, it is near to the city of Phoenix, which is the address to leading companies like Bank of America, Walmart and American Express. Make the most of the high spirited and flamboyant lifestyle of the city that attracts millionaires from the neighboring cities.
  • Chicago: It is one town that is known for being big in science, finance and engineering work. It has everything required for a high standard lifestyle, from hotels to restaurants to malls to night clubs. Get here and meet millionaires looking for love.
  • Beverly Hills: Beverly Hills is a favorite among millionaires, who visit here often to enjoy the luxuries of life. It is also the home to many famous celebs and renowned personalities.
  • San Francisco: A house to the booming tech market, Silicon Valley San Francisco is where the rich tech guys stay. Once you visit here, you would admire the extravagant lifestyle that the millionaires enjoy here.